Mar 8, 2022

WHO Policy Brief on Ageism and AI

Interview with Dr. Vania de La Fuente Nunez, WHO

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Maya Plentz
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WHO: Policy Brief on AI and Ageism

Interview with Dr. Vania de La Fuente Nunez, WHO

We spoke about the Policy Brief issued by WHO on AI and Ageism, the risks of exacerbating inequalities, the WHO Report on Ageism and how women are particularly affected when it comes to getting loans and receiving funding for their startups.

While Artificial Intelligence has the potential to improve primary healthcare, monitoring of diseases, and drug development, biases on the design of algorithms will just perpetuate discriminations.

Dr. Vania de La Fuente Nunez manages the Global Campaign to Combat Ageism at WHO and is one of two lead authors of the first global report on ageism. Dr. de La Fuente Nunez is a physician who first joined WHO in 2014 to develop ethics guidance in the context of the Ebola epidemic and support the Secretariat of the WHO Research Ethics Committee.

She contributed to the launch of the Global Observatory on Health Research & Development. Prior to her work at WHO Dr. de La Fuente worked with various NGOs and research institutes in both high and low-income countries including Spain, Senegal, and the Gambia. Dr. de La Fuente Nunez holds an MD from the University of Santiago de Compostela; an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health from University College London; and has completed a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

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