History of Brazil in Capsules, Translating Jack Kerouac, and Why We Know Little About the Brazilian Military Dictatorship

Interview with Author and YouTuber Eduardo Bueno on His Wildly Successful Series

The UN Brief Weekend Edition

Discovering Brazil

The UN Brief interviewed journalist, author, and YouTuber Eduardo Bueno.

He published several books on the History of Brazil — an irreverent, funny, and controversial approach to the country’s history — that gave origin to a TV segment on the most watched weekly news magazine program on Globo Television, Fantastico.

Now he continues on his YouTube channel, Buenas Ideias, which has reached more than a million members in just two years, his series "Não vai cair no ENEM" (ENEM stands for a test administered by the Brazilian federal government for university entrance). The series draws content from his history books:

Dicionário da Independência (2020)

A Coroa, a Cruz e a Espada (2006)

Capitães do Brasil (1999)

A Viagem do Descobrimento (1998)

Náufragos, Traficantes e Degredados (1998)

Eduardo Bueno travels often to the United States, has visited 48 states, and is an scholar of the Beat Generation movement.

He is planning to do a similar version of his YouTube series on US History, in English. He has translated Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and the works of William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, and other authors of the Beat Generation, to Portuguese.

If you are a diplomat or a EU or UN official that will be transferred to Brazil soon, his books and YouTube series are an excellent crash course to the country’s history.

To know more about Eduardo Bueno irreverent takes on Brazil’s history subscribe to his YouTube channel, Buenas Ideias:

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