Interview With Career Diplomat Alejandro Ramos Cardoso, Deputy Head of Mission at the Mexican Embassy in New Zealand

How is Digital Diplomacy Evolving? What Are the Best Platforms for Diplomats? What Should Early Career Diplomats Focus On When They Are Starting Out?

How is digital diplomacy evolving? What are the pitfalls and how can we harness its potential? How are early career diplomats adopting digital tools to advance their countries interests and to develop coherent public diplomacy strategies online and offline?

The UN Brief interviewed career diplomat Alejandro Ramos Cardoso, Deputy Head of Mission at the Mexican Embassy in New Zealand. A scholar of public diplomacy, he has co-edited the Mexican Journal of Foreign Policy on the topic of public digital diplomacy, contributed to the The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, and to a book on digital diplomacy in Ibero-America, published by the Escuela de Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Diplomacia pública digital: el contexto iberoamericano.

You can find the complete list of his work here. He lectures on the subject of public digital diplomacy as well as practices digital diplomacy, being very active on Twitter, his platform of choice at the moment. You can follow him at @Alex_Ramos_C

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Diplomat Ramos Cardoso is a career diplomat, and he started his foreign service career in 2005 at the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, Arizona. He subsequently served in Chile, was Deputy Director-General for Asia Pacific at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was Head of Political Affairs in Germany, and now is serving at as the Deputy Head of Mission at the Mexican Embassy in New Zealand.

Ramos Cardoso holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations and a Master's degree in Political Journalism. He has also undertaken postgraduate studies in Political Science and Sociology at FLACSO Argentina, and carried out an academic exchange at Sciences-Po, Bordeaux, France.

At the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ramos Cardoso held a number of positions, including Chief of Staff to the previous Deputy Foreign Minister. He is an Associate of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations and, in 2014, he was member of the Editorial Board of the international section of the the Mexican newspaper ‘Reforma’.

You can follow him on Twitter: @Alex_Ramos_C

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Mexico’s Soft Power

Mr. Ramos Cardoso also has a lifelong love for music and sings and plays Mexican folk music and other styles, helping disseminate the rich culture and history of his country. He also speaks Brazilian Portuguese and sings impeccably in the language, with special mention of his interpretation of songs by pop music star Caetano Veloso.

Mr. Ramos Cardoso is a talented musician and diplomat, who celebrates the diverse cultures he encounters in his career through music. Check this brilliant interview with M-XCloud Radio in New Zealand. (In Spanish.)

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He also spoke on behalf of the Service Exterior Mexicano (SEM), to attract those interested in a career in diplomacy, in 2016.