The Week Ahead at the UN in Geneva

The World Trade Organisation and the World Health Organisation Are Quite Busy

That fish in your plate? Has it been subsidized or not?

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On Monday 7 June, the WTO Informal Open-ended Negotiating Group on Rules (Fisheries Subsidies) convenes, with heads of delegations, it is an informal meeting.

Current Chair: Ambassador Santiago Wills, from Colombia.

WTO negotiations on fisheries subsidies were launched in 2001 at the Doha Ministerial Conference, with a mandate to “clarify and improve” existing WTO disciplines on fisheries subsidies. That mandate was elaborated in 2005 at the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference, including with a call for prohibiting certain forms of fisheries subsidies that contribute to overcapacity and overfishing. 

At the 2017 Buenos Aires Ministerial Conference (MC11), ministers decided on a work programme to conclude the negotiations by aiming to adopt, at the next Ministerial Conference, an agreement on fisheries subsidies which delivers on Sustainable Development Goal 14.6

Tuesday, 8 June

Meeting of the TRIPS Council — Formal Meeting

That is Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

On the plate? The waiver on patents for COVID19 Vaccines.

Current Chair : Ambassador Dagfinn SØRLI from Norway.

To Know More How the TRIPS Negotiations Work: