May 15, 2022

WHO Report on Assistive Tech, WTO Readies for Ministerial, Web Summit Rio First Edition

Interview with the architect of Web Summit Rio 2023 deal, Artur Pereira

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Maya Plentz
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Monday, 16 May


Source: WHO

Launch of the Global Report on Assistive Technology 

“The Global Report on Assistive Technology - the first ever collection of global data and information on access to assistive products such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, mobility or communication devices – reveals that the number of people who need one or more such products is larger than previously estimated.”

With the world population greying that is no surprise, assistive technologies are not only wheel chairs or hearing aids, there are a zillion apps and much more hardware/software innovation and IoT devices, that can ameliorate quality of life and longevity of the older population, as well as those with disabilities. Founder or investor on a tech company on the longevity, quality-of-life, and IoT business? Check it out:

The report launches Monday at 15:00 CEST
Speakers include:

  • Ms.…

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