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Steve MacFeely, Director of Data and Analytics, WHO

“Maya and The UN Brief have been providing rich insights into the workings and personalities of the UN. It has filled a gap in the multilateral intelligence market.”

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Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University

“I had the privilege of working with Maya Plentz as part of the Advisory Board of the Pascal Lamy High Level Group of Experts, the European Commission review of Horizon 2020 and its next funding cycle, Horizon Europe. I was enormously impressed by her knowledge and thought leadership on technology. I have subsequently remained in contact with Maya and find her critique and briefings around technology very interesting and insightful. Recommend getting to know her work.”

Chris Fabian, Lead at Giga Connect, UNICEF

“Maya has been a great source of information in (and outside) of the UN System, and her work has helped us explain and clarify Giga's efforts on technology and finance. It's always a pleasure to collaborate with her on stories and media pieces.”

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Maya Plentz

I am the founder and editor of THE UN BRIEF. My work aired on Bloomberg, UN Radio, BBC and RFI. Follow me here for news about multilateralism, and new and emerging tech impact on multilateral issues, the UN, its agencies, and the EU.